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Ancestors of Frank Cochran 1927 - 1996
From Pennsylvania the Cochrans migrated into Guernsey Ohio - only 2 found in this county while other Cochrans were also in the state.
Dr. Parker's ancestors were in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York Indian Country before he was in Ohio and Illinois.  He migrated into Michigan Territory and then Iowa Territory.
His granddaughter Clora Jane married Jacob Cochran about 1879 in Iowa.  Her mother Mary Clara Parker married James Madison Miller and Mary was said to have been a medicine woman but perhaps she was teaching the indians what she had already learned from her father.
James Miller was the son of James T. Miller of Rockingham Virginia.
1900 census of Clora Jane and children includes son Frank Delbert
Clora Jane named a son Frank Delbert Cochran
Frank married Luella Coonfield in Arkansas 1914
1933 Frank Delbert's children at school
Luella's son Frankie Lavern looked very much like her own father Ben Coonfield.
Luella's mother was a mixed indian from Kentucky
Her mother was being researched by many other cousins  and by cousin Martha's mother Laura
Daughters of Catherine G. Weatherford Wright married Hiram and Douglass Little in Kentucky
Mary Lou, Darrell and Delores at Frankie's funeral
Grandmother Luella
Sam Little
Descendants of Frankie
1965 Frankie and family
Frankie's firstborn in 1953 or 1954
Frankie Jr.
Alabama Ancestry