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Bozeman History

Jimmy Ray has been researching the Bozeman lineage for many years and just recently his daughter was able to join the DAR based on what they have found regarding Peter Bozeman of Darlington South Carolina. Peter's name was accepted and approved in January 2008 and should be found soon in an issue of the DAR Magazine.

Jimmy's DNA test ( 24264 Mordicai-->Peter-->William Henry-->John Thomas ) is found on Steve's page which is linked on the left column.

Jimmy's father Walter Jackson Bozeman, was the son of Lou Ada Moore and Charles Eugene Bozeman
Charles was born about 1890 to parents Rebecca Scott and William Thomas Bozeman of Shelby County, Alabama.
Charles was shown as a blacksmith at the lime plant on the census and is found on the 1910 and 1930 census records.

Charles had brothers, Isaac and Thomas.

William Thomas Bozeman was found in 1880 living with T. R. Stacy family in Montgomery and in 1883 married Rebecca Scott in Montgomery

William was the son of Nancy Kizar Hill and John Thomas Bozeman of Montgomery, and they are buried in Shelby County.

John had served in the Civil War and his widow filed for his pension.

Nancy named her children William, Mildred, Sarah, Rebecca, Peter Edward, Emma, Beny, John Thomas, and Mary A.

Peter E married Margaret Clark and moved to Tennessee, where we find another family researcher, named Alan.

Alan's DNA test is shown as a perfect match to Jimmy Ray's ...

In 1860 Nancy and John are found living with her aunt Mary Hill Stacy and John Stacy; 1870 in Montgomery near the Dillard family at Pine Level which is merely a stone's throw from Dublin and Ramer and in 1910 Nancy is widowed, living with her daughter Sarah, who had married James Asberry Spearman.
Nancy's son John T had married Isabella "Bell" Spearman.

Nancy Hill's mother was likely named Charlotty which we find on census but the father is not located yet.

John's father was William Henry Bozeman and his wife is listed as Martha H. which we strongly suspect to be a Hill - simply because she moved away when William died and lived near the Hills families in Dublin and buried another son named Peter Edward on the Hill property which we discovered on last year's roadtrip to Hill's Chapel.

William Henry was born about 1802 in Darlington SC to Sarah Brown and Peter Bozeman

William and Martha named their children: Peter Edward, John Thomas, Meedy G., and Martha M. and all married in Montgomery, according to the copies of their marriage licenses.

Meedy married a widowed Rebecca Brewer and had a son named John Thomas in 1866 which is being researched by Wayne and Richard Bozeman in Alabama. When John died, the Governor Graves was a pall bearer at his funeral.

William Henry's son Peter Edward married Nancy Anderson and is being researched by Kathy.

William Henry died by 1848 according to his estate papers, and his brother Jesse was the Administrator. Jesse paid William's son John Thomas $247.00 for his share of the estate.

Jesse also filed for a Writ of Dower for the widow Martha.

When Peter died, in 1829, Jesse filed for the estate sale and Wiliam Henry was listed on those documents. Then again in 1838, apparently when Sarah died, Jesse filed to sell off Peter's land, and William was once again listed as an heir.

Sarah and Peter's chldren were Meady, Peter E., Jesse M. , William Henry and Lucy. Meady is not listed as an heir in the estate because he died about 1827. Perhaps he was ill during the journey from Darlington to Montgomery, we just do not know but his son was Captain Peter Henry Bozeman in the Mississippi Infantry of the Confederates.

Peter's son Peter E. Bozeman married Gilly Goodson in Alabama and moved to Louisiana and is now being researched by Sharon Johnson.

Sarah Brown married Peter Bozeman in December 1786 in the Cheraws District of Darlington County, South Carolina, as written by one of their neighbors, Reverend Evan Pugh in his "Diaries".

Peter had served in the American Revolution, had several records of payment, mentioned in the South Carolina Militia book, listed on the SC Roster with his father Mordecai, and others like John, Paul. Ralph, who may be brothers of Peter - Mordecai's son John married a full blood indian and moved to Mississippi, land records dated 1823.

All likely from Bladen County North Carolina which was just across the river from where they received their Land Grants. The SC Archives indicate that Peter's land was surveyed in June 1826 , possibly to sell, so he could begin his journey to Alabama.

Nancy Jane was the daughter of Lavinia Jane Sellers and Seaborn Montgomery Anderson, both possibly having grandmothers of indian blood from the Carolinas.

The LDS site has Seaborn's great grand father listed as full blood with many researching the Sellers lineage into Cherokee Nation.

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