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  • Hello (6 KB)
  • DAR List (94 KB)
    Several of my great great grandfathers helped during the War.
  • Family Connections (18 KB)
  • Trees (1 KB)
  • From North Carolina 1700 (142 KB)
    Early family migrations
  • Files (22 KB)
    Old Data
  • Data (23 KB)
    Older Files
  • Southern Migrations (439 KB)
    Collection of Webpages
  • Descendants of Peter Bozeman (37 KB)
    His son William Henry Bozeman b 1802 leaves a long legacy along Hope Hull, Dublin and Ramer, throughout the Montgomery County, reaching beyond
  • Passenger List (6 KB)
    shows a few Bozemans as immigrants
  • Ethelredge Bozman in North Carolina (1 KB)
    American Revolution Soldier
  • Marriages in Alabama (4 KB)
    Lacy weds Carter while her father Jesse marries a second time and others
  • Civil War Roster (29 KB)
    Bozeman, Bozman
  • WWI Draft (4 KB)
    Bozeman registrations
  • WWI listing (21 KB)
  • War of 1812 listing (2 KB)
    • Grandpa Isaac (195 KB)
      Perry County History
    • Annie's Clan (55 KB)
      Taken about 1968
    • 1840 (371 KB)
      Sellers in Pike County
    • Grandpa Jacob (121 KB)
      Civil War Registration
    • Annie's Clan (46 KB)
      Taken about 1965
    • Lavinia Sellers - 1880 (528 KB)
      Mysterious error on census, Lavinia Jane Sellers Anderson mistakenly listed as Bozeman, but note that she is the mother in law - she is Corrintha Anderson Barfoot's mother. Lavinia was the wife of Seaborn Anderson and also the mother of Nancy Bozeman in the next household. Lavinia's parents were Levinia Anderson and William Calvin Sellers - all the Andersons being of the same family of Elisha and the Sellers all being from 1700s North Carolina.
    • Grandpa Charles and Zachariah (12 KB)
      Georgia Records 1700s
    • Annie's Clan (54 KB)
      Taken about 1953
    • Sellers (40 KB)
    • Grandpa George (105 KB)
      Davies Kentucky
    • Grandparents of Frank (34 KB)
      his father shown on left side
    • Confederate Application for Widows Pension (852 KB)
      Grandmother Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman ( daughter of Lavinia ) applied in 1899 with her husband's Uncle John A. Hill as the witness - her husband is buried on Uncle John's old plantation in Dublin where I have discovered his tombstone - this item adds to the suspicion of Hill in our lineage as John was the brother of Martha H. Bozeman and her father was also a John Hill in the American Revolution who eventually settled in Dublin with many of his own children.
    • 1850 (610 KB)
      Vincent Joiner and Aunt Ellen Bozeman took in her brother Meady's son after his death and one of them became big in history as the Captain Peter Henry Bozeman of Mississippi Calvary - Ellen was one of the daughters of Sarah and Peter of Darlington SC.
    • Parents of Frank (212 KB)
      shown on left side
    • Stone in Macon County (654 KB)
      1850 shows Grandfather Augustus Marvin Stone as a child with his parents Sarah Davies and Benjamin Wilburn Stone living near Ben's brother William, from Georgia, but also near their own father from Maryland, Michael Stone born 1778.
    • 1830 (76 KB)
      Grandpa Elisha Anderson in Montgomery Alabama by his son in law Alfred Sellers and by Jesse and by Captain Benjamin Lewis
    • Grandpa in WWI (130 KB)
      Military Registration
    • 1840 (576 KB)
      W H
    • Grandpa Ben in Civil War (40 KB)
      Military Registration
    • 1850 (616 KB)
      J B
    • Laura's Inquiry (563 KB)
      Owensboro Kentucky
    • 1830 (299 KB)
      W H
    • Grandpa John (122 KB)
      Land Deed
    • 1820 (531 KB)
      Sellers in Brunswick NC
  • From Tulsa to Mesa
  • 1700s family records
  • Montgomery County
  • Find A Grave
  • Books
  • Ancestors List
  • Estate of William
  • Estate of Peter
  • DNA of Peter to William
  • Census of William
  • Notes
  • Files
  • SAR
  • Pictures
  • J. B.
  • Trunks and Chests
  • Records
  • Pickett's History
  • Search
  • Tombstone of Luellas Grandfather in Arkansas
  • Georgia Death Certificates include grandfather A. M. Stone
  • Tombstones
  • Wayne Bozeman married daughter of Thornton
  • Shiloh Church and House of Faith
  • Links
  • Creeks
  • Creek Tribe
  • A Few Good Kin
  • Brooks and Westbrook and Holley
  • Resources
  • Alabama Roots
  • Alabama Roots
  • Peter Of Dublin
  • Jimmy Ray
  • Fenn Fann Stone
  • Charles Wayne
  • Lorena Emma
  • FTM
  • Catherine Weatherford
  • Kath
  • Grandmothers
  • My Daddy's people
  • Studying Chambers and Macon County
  • Ramer Dublin Holtville and Shepherdsville families
  • Online Family Tree Listing
  • From Broken Arrow Oklahoma to Mesa AZ taken by Billy Carter
    Date: 11/28/1816
    Document type: PLAT
  • Alabama Lines (7 KB)
    Joseph Baxley, Andrew Cooper, Elijah Lee, Peter Bozeman, Thomas Carter, John Hill, Michael Stone, John Fenn,
  • Chart of my Ancestors (15 KB)
    My Elders
  • Gideon Moon of Virginia (23 KB)
    His daughter married Charles McClain
  • Frankie Cochran's Kansas families (32 KB)
    His father served in WWI, his brother died in Korea, his grandfather served in the Civil War and some served in the American Revolution. Frankie was one eighth Cherokee blood.
  • Kentucky Records (53 KB)
    George Little living near his grown up children and their families, and in laws, and Isaac Coonfield near Clark and Cline
  • Research (279 KB)
    Links to other great research.
  • Weatherford Notes (134 KB)
    Researching my Catherine G. Weatherford of Charlotte, VA a daughter of Charles, who married John Wright in 1811....her descendants named Georgia, have some similiarity with some on this list......
  • James McClain 1810 (74 KB)
    buried at Indian Creek Cemetery
  • Colonial Documents (55 KB)
    Tracing my ancestors through time
    From SC to AL, Broadaway, Brandmay, Brawdaway, the name varies...born around 1790 Sumter SC, married a Nancy
  • 1810 census shows Patsey Weatherford (136 KB)
    she has children in the home and could be Catherine's mother - she could also have been a wife of the famous Charles Weatherford; nearby is a younger Charles Weatherford who might have been her son.....Patsey Weatherford is one to be researched.
  • Intro (610 KB)
    My Family
  • Many Grandfathers in my line (14 KB)
    Cochran, Henderson, Long, Clendenning, Sturgeon of Pennsylvania into Ohio - "Stuff" on my southern grandfathers
  • Files (1086 KB)
    Research and Records and Links
  • 1811 marriage record of Catherine Weatherford (52 KB)
    Virginia Documents state that her father was Charles Weatherford - scroll down to #76 where Benoni Smith was her surety to marriage - was her father in Alabama with his other family?
  • Links (27 KB)
    My Family Study Sheet
  • Many Grandfathers in my line (75 KB)
    Cochran, Henderson, Long, Clendenning, Sturgeon of Pennsylvania into Ohio ; Coonfield and Young, Epperson, into Indiana and Arkansas, Roby and Crigler of Kentucky with Simmons and Wells
  • Coonfield Lineage (13 KB)
    Finding Isaac Coonfield in Kentucky 1800 so was he born about 1760 or 1770
  • My DAR Ancestors (189 KB)
    Several of my grandfathers served in the American Revolution and have been acknowledged by the DAR and Peter Bozeman was just recognized in Jan 2008
  • List of Who's Who (56 KB)
    Basic Outline
  • Tefft and King Phillip (14 KB)
    Our Tefft Cousins in History
  • Crigler of Kentucky (204 KB)
    Abraham Crigler and Lydia had Owen. Owen then named a son Abraham who married Catherine Roby and had Mary Catherine Crigler who later married John Little.
  • The Family Tree on the Web (8 KB)
    Rootsweb GED
  • John Sweet (104 KB)
    into Rhode Island and Mass.
  • Hiram Little born 1821 Kentucky (158 KB)
    The son of Jonas married Catherine Wright ( daughter of Catherine Weatherford) and named a son John Wright Little in 1843. John is later found living with Abraham Crigler because his mother died and Hiram moved to Texas and remarried.
  • Annie Fenn and Alice Carter (71 KB)
    Tracing their families from Virginia to Alabama
  • Iowa Cochran Families (9 KB)
    Jacob Cochran left Ohio for Iowa Territory
  • Reason Roby born Kentucky 1790 (205 KB)
    Abraham Crigler's wife was Mary Catherine Roby, the daughter of Reason and Catherine Simmons Roby. Reason was the son of Lawrence Roby and a lady named "Catherine" who is shown widowed living by Reason in 1820.
  • Grandpa McClain (39 KB)
    Charles married Elizabeth Moon about 1750 in Virginia and moved to Spartanburg SC. His son Josiah married Nancy Wood and had James. James married a woman only known as Anna and they are buried at Indian Creek Cemetery in Georgia. Anna's son Josiah Marion McClain had a family in GA, left for the Civil War and never returned. He had a second family in Alabama and one son named Charles born 1886.
  • Jacob Benjamin Cochran (88 KB)
    Joined the California Gold Rush, served in the Civil War and was married twice
  • Simmons, Catherine's father Jesse born 1753 (254 KB)
    Parents of Catherine Simmons were Jesse and Rachel Wells Simmons from Maryland into Kentucky. Rachels's father was Jacob Wells. Parents of Jesse were Elizabeth Swearengin and Johnathon Simmons of Maryland.
  • Miller of Virginia from Ireland (76 KB)
    Parker of New York Indian Country, Sweet and Tefft of Rhode Island 1600
    • Charles Allen McClain (74 KB)
      Photo taken about 1925 of Great Grandpa and son Walton, son of Lorena. Charles and Lorena farmed on Hickory Grove in Ramer and Charles is buried at the Dublin Church of Christ nearby.
    • Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman (67 KB)
      Widow's application - She was Lorena's grandmother and took them in when Lorena's mother died and the children were all very little.
    • Mary Ella Thornton Brooks (6 KB)
      with spouse James Edgar Brooks. Mary's parents were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton
    • Granny Luella Coonfield Cochran (17 KB)
      her sister is on the left. daughters of Lattie Cedonia Little and Benjamin Wallace Coonfield - Lattie's parents were Catherine Crigler and John Wright Little of Shepherdsville Kentucky and John was in the Civil War
    • Great Granny Lattie Cedonia Little Coonfield (309 KB)
      1887 with husband Benjamin Wallace Coonfield; his parents were Martha Frances Young and Benjamin Wylie Coonfield ( a son of Isaac )
    • Anne Alice Carter Cochran (24 KB)
      1940 she married Frankie Lavern Cochran, a son of Luella, in 1951 - Anne's parents were Alice Emma McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter. parents of Alice were Lorena Bozeman and Charles McClain. Parents of Cecil were Anna Lou Stone and William Franklin Fenn
    • Bob Bozeman, brother of Lorena (50 KB)
      son of Ellen Bean and John Thomas Bozeman in Ramer - When I visited the Hills Chapel Church at Dublin, three of Uncle Bob's daughters met with us and showed us the graves behind the church. Bob's daughter Hazel joined the DAR in 2008 based on the Bozeman lineage traced back to Peter of Darlington who settled here about 1826-7.
    • Nancy Bozeman, sister of Lorena (765 KB)
      child of Ellen Bean and John Thomas Bozeman
    • Granny Martha Frances Young Coonfield (272 KB)
      mother of Ben, mother in law of Lattie, and the grandmother of Luella...The Young families traced to 1800 Tennessee and Kentucky.
    • Alabama Bozemans (37 KB)
      William Henry Bozeman seems to be the most common ancestor in the Montgomery area
    • Elzira to Jacob Cochran (9 KB)
      This letter was posted on the Iowa State GenWeb page about our ancestors moving from Ohio to Iowa by wagon and about their life there
    • Land Records (3275 KB)
    • A few of my own notes (793 KB)
      Preserving my notes on webpages, for your perusal so do not take without saying thank you for our hard work and years of study.
    • Hello (36 KB)
      About Us
    • 1 (1 KB)
    • Search (36 KB)
      About My File Search
    • 2 (1206 KB)
    • Files (45 KB)
      Notes in pink
    • Files (392 KB)
      Notes in beige
    • Brooks Genealogy (1 KB)
      Brooks, Ballard, Thornton, Cochran, Bozeman, Carter, Westbrook
    • Broadway Genealogy (936 KB)
      Broadway, Stephens, Gibson, Bozeman, McClain, Carter.
    • Meet The Family (1752 KB)
  • Home Page
  • Data
  • Cousins Richard, Jimmy, Wayne, Sharon and Elizabeth
  • Census Records
  • Bozeman Lineage Puzzle
    The late cousin Leo Little put a lot of time and energy into researching our Scottish Little Clan and he had a photo of my ancestor Captain George Little's tombstone on the webpage. The second wife of George was Mary Handley, a sister of John Handley and their parents were Martha Mason and George Handley of Ireland.  George resided in 1790 Union County SC and was my father's ancestor, while many of my mother's ancestors were also in SC for the 1790 and 1800 census.
    The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
    SCMAR, Volume VII Number 2, Spring, 1979 Darlington County Memorialized Records
    SCMAR, Vol. VII, Spring 1979, No. 2, p.74
    3rd. An Administration on the Estate of JOHN CARTER
    granted to Joseph Anderson May intermediate Court 1794. Securitys to Bond William Standard and
    Peter Boazman, penalty One hundred pounds Sterling.

    American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
    Name: Peter Boseman
    Birth Date: 175?
    Birthplace: South Carolina Volume: 16
    Page Number: 159
    Reference: Heads of Fams. at the first U.S. census. SC. By U.S. Bureau of the Census. Washington, 1908. (150p.):49

    Archives of Maryland, Volume 0535, Page 0094 - Somerset Judicial ...
    ... 156 ~ Court convenes; Commissioners present: Francis Jenckins; John Bozman (Bozeman),
    Thomas Dixon, Thomas Jones, John King, Stephen Horsey, Arnold Elzey ... - 11k
    - Cached

    Archives of Maryland, Volume 0535, Page 0093 - Somerset Judicial ...
    ... 156 ~ 29 January 1694/5 Court convenes; Commissioners present: Francis Jenckins,
    James Dashiels, Thomas Dixon, John Bozman (Bozeman), Thomas Jones, Capt. ... - 11k
    - Cached






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