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Mordecai Bozeman

Mordecai and his sons are listed in the South Carolina Roster of the Militia. The SC Archives on the internet shows where they got paid for their service in the American Revolution. Peter and his entire family migrated to Hope Hull, in Montgomery County Alabama about 1826-1827.

Alabama Territory was formed from Mississippi Territory about 1819 and was full of wild beasts and several tribes of Indians.  But if you look at Bladen County North Carolina where Mordecai was born in 1735, it was still very much Cherokee Nation.

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Mordecai's payment for his services are found in SC Archives as was Peter's.
Peter's Estate Administrator>/a>(
Estate Sale of Peter (
Peter 2 (

Peter's brother James remained in Darlington SC while brother John moved to Mississippi, some say with a full blood Native American wife, and Mississippi was , at that particular time, Choctaw Territory.

My lineage is William Henry Bozeman, son of Peter, to William Henry's son Peter Edward Bozeman b 1834. William Henry's siblings were Jesse, Peter E, Lucy Campbell, Meady, all found on the Alabama 1830 census.

Other descendants of William Henry are Jimmy Ray Bozeman and Wayne Bozeman, who have helped me tremendously/

Question:  On the 1800 Darlington SC census, Peter lives near Jesse - but that was not his son. His son Jesse M. was only 7 years of age. So was that Jesse his other brother? Or was Jesse the middle name of Mordecai?

NOTE:  Most everyone of these men named a son Peter, John, Jesse, James, Meady, so be very thorough with researching.  Most could not read nor write so the spelling of Bozeman varies throughout history.

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