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Jesse Bozeman born 1793 Darlington South Carolina migrated to Montgomery County Alabama with his father Peter Bozeman who had served in the American Revolution.  Jesse and his wife Lucy with children plus Jesse's brothers Peter E., William Henry, Meedy and sister Lucy Bozeman Campbell all resided upon a huge plantation.  Jesse was the only one able to read and write, so as the Attorney of the family, he handled all legal documents and estate sales and so far no will has been found for any person of this lineage.
Jesse's daughter Lacy Jane married Thomas Randolph Carter who also bought land in this area, and was the grandson of Captain John Carter of the American Revolution.
Search for Stokes in Montgomery County to read the article about this very neglected cemetery.
It mentions a Mathew Stokes as a previous owner, and he was married to Mary Campbell who might have been the daughter of the above mentioned Lucy.
Also when Jesse Bozeman's brother William died, Thomas Carter purchased a portion of that land.  William's grave is not found.  Peter's grave is not found.
Perhaps they are buried nearby.
Jesse is buried beside one of his two wives and a tree had grown up between them damaging the stones.
You can see the huge fallen tree behind Lacy's tombstone and apparently it broke her brother James' stone which is beside hers
Lacy's very tall monument surrounded by her children's stones
Standing by Jesse's headstone with T R Carter's behind me, facing Lacy's and James.
Thicket of trees behind the pond is the burial ground where cattle roam freely over the tombstones.
Family photo of Thomas and Lacy
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