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My Family History

My ancestors include Peter Bozeman, Jacob Cochran, George Little, Josiah McClain, Gideon Moon, John Hill, Abner Broadway, Elisha Anderson, John Stephens,  John Wright, Charles Weatherford, Cecil Carter, Michael Stone, and many others who married into their families, like the Brooks and Westbrook.
Alabama Bozemans
Descendants of Peter Bozeman (37 KB)
His son William Henry Bozeman b 1802 leaves a long legacy along Hope Hull, Dublin and Ramer, throughout the Montgomery County, reaching beyond.
  • Darlington 1824 (172 KB)
    Deed to grandsons Jesse and Peter, children of Meedy receive 200 acres from their grandfather.
  • Deed (188 KB)
    More info
  • Deed (1828 KB)
    1824 witnessed by William
  • Deed 1822 (2559 KB)
    Land sold to Jefse is called a "plantation"
  • Deed (2369 KB)
    1822 "plantation" purchased by Jefse
  • Deed (2779 KB)
    Witness Joiner and Henry
  • 1786 Marriages (42 KB)
    Sarah Brown in Evan Pugh Diary